How to Choose Women in Your Life

images-29A lot of the time men have trouble getting out of a “dry spell,” or getting out of a “rut.” For some men, this can be because they moved to a new city and are struggling to create a new peer group. For other men, it can be that they’ve simply lost touch with old friends.

Either way, getting more women into your life is something that every man clearly wants. Having more women in your life allows you to choose a girlfriend, because you genuinely want her – NOT because she’s the only one that you can get! So, with this in mind, here’s some suggestions to get more women in your life.

1. Focus on Demographics
One of the major mistakes that most men make when trying to meet new women, is that they automatically assume they should go to a night club or bar. While these places are in fact filled with women, they may not be the type you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a woman who’s into art, for example, consider approaching women at an art museum. If you’re into charity, consider joining a non-profit organization and meeting women through this. Or, if you’re into holistic health and spirituality, consider meeting women through a local yoga class.

Either way, it’s important to decide what type of woman you’re looking for, and then hone in on the places that these women might frequent.

2. Utilize Cold Approach
Far too many men wait around for the magic woman to simply pop into his life. I’ve tried this, and believe me, it’s completely futile. Women don’t want to pursue you; they want to feel desired, and you can accomplish this by approaching them and initiating the interaction.

If you want to get more women into your life, you’re going to have to utilize cold approach, which is the art of talking to women you don’t know. Although this may seem daunting, it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it.

I recommend practicing cold approach in either a night club or a bar; the reason being that women here are much more receptive to having men chat them up. Once you practice here, you can apply your newfound skills to women in your social circle, organizations, or workplace.

3. Increase Retention Rate
A lot of guys can easily seduce a woman, but they can’t get her to stick around after sex. This was me for a long time, and it wasn’t until I realized what I was doing wrong that thing started to change.

Getting women to stick around after you seduce them comes down to several factors, but there’s one factor that’s more important than every other one combined: being vulnerable. If a woman doesn’t feel like she knows the “real you,” she will almost always fail to come back.

Being vulnerable isn’t really something that you try to do, but rather something that you are. Try getting in touch with your emotions and learning to express them. This is the big key when it comes to being vulnerable – when a woman senses that you’re genuine, she’s bound to come back for more.

Playful With Women Tips

images-28Too often men think that being playful with women means more than what it truly is. If you get caught up in the wrong area, you could end up with a scandal on your hands, or worse. To ensure that you know how to be playful, you should take some precautions in how you are handling yourself and your situation with women. The following can help guide you to the right elements of being playful, without causing a scene, and without misreading certain cues. Sometimes, it’s just best to know your limits and the limits of others before even engaging in this sort of element.

What Is Your Purpose

Before you start being playful with women, understand what your purpose is. Think about this carefully. What is your true purpose in being with someone, including a date? Are you trying to date someone or are you just being flirtatious? Flirting is harmless, and being friendly goes a long way. However, you should not push the envelope, touch, or be controversial at all. If you know your main purpose, and you are clear with that, you may find that being playful can be warranted.

Simple Touching Works

Assuming that you are being playful with women that are reciprocating, you’ll notice mutual touch will occur. This may be as simple as a massage, a poke, or other form of non-sexual touching. This is a good thing. Simple touching can show that they think you’re attractive and they want to show you a little bit of affection. Let them do that, and reciprocate whenever you are given a green light. Pay attention to the signals that they are giving you, and be careful as to where you do this. Sometimes a woman can be playful at work, but you cannot reciprocate, so don’t. You have to just pay attention, and react when you’re prompted a bit.

Speak Your Mind

One way that you can pursue the notion of being playful with women is to speak up. If they touch you first, make a comment about how you like that, or you would like to do the same for them. Sometimes you have to lead the conversation to fully understand whether or not someone is being playful with you for a purpose. If you speak up, you will have clarity. Don’t let your mind wander and worry about whether or not this is a good thing. Take your time, figure out what you want, and whether or not someone is touching you because they “like” you, or because they are just overly friendly. This makes all the difference between friend zones and being playful with women for other means.

Help You Out of The Friendzone

images-27When it comes to dating, many men find themselves in the friendzone. You don’t want to live there. Unless you don’t want to date someone, and you truly want to be their friend, this is not ideal. It’s easy to end up here, but honestly, don’t be a girl’s handbag. It’s not fun. It may sound silly to focus on the notion of not becoming an accessory, but you’ll be surprised by how many men end up this way. Don’t be a girl’s handbag, it’s not good at all. You will not enjoy this position at all. Focus on a few tips to help you get out of the zone, and where you want to be.

Clearly State Your Purpose

Here’s the first thing that you have to do so that you are not confused, state your purpose. It’s easy to tell someone, don’t be a girl’s handbag, when they are outside of the friendzone. How does one avoid that? Simple, be clear up front. Tell the person you want to date that you want to be more than friends, and that you don’t want to be relegated to a “friendly” arena. If they say that you have to be friends first, that’s ok, but be wary of this. Some women play games, and could string you along without any sort of traction. Don’t get caught up there, focus on staying out of this arena by being clear with them.

Leave The Situation

Again, it’s easy to tell someone, don’t be a girl’s handbag, when they aren’t part of any sort of relationship. But once you’re in, it’s tough. That’s why you have to know when to leave. You should go out with someone and gauge their interest. If you cannot gauge this, ask them out right. If they can’t give you a straight answer, they don’t respect you enough to be with you. Don’t settle. Walk away. Kindly thank them for their honesty, and just go away. You’ll find that there are millions of other women out there to hang out with and date, don’t stick in a situation where you’re an accessory and an afterthought.

Don’t Pretend To Be Ok With Certain Things

Don’t be a girl’s handbag by simply being real. Don’t pretend that you’re ok with something that you’re not ok with. This speaks to the fact that you should, once again, let the person you’re with know that you want to be more than friends and you don’t want to be an accessory. You have to step up your game here, and do not allow anyone to step on you. This will go better for you if you just don’t pretend.

Attractive Facebook Profile

If you are going to date online you need to have a social media profile. This is a simple thing to create and something that women will no doubt look for online. You don’t have to befriend all your dates, but they should be able to search for you online. If you are going to date online, or just about anywhere, you should look at building an attractive facebook profile. Without a good profile, you are going to send the wrong message. You want to purvey a message that is anything but boring, which means that you will need a little bit of help with creating a solid, attractive facebook profile.

Choose Your Pictures Wisely

Do not post any pictures that make you look bad. That includes putting up images that show you drinking heavily, or without your clothing on. Do not revel in times where you look like you’re a party animal, and don’t put up pictures that put you in a compromising light. Curate your photographs to show that you travel, you love life, and you’re smiling. You want to look playful, and you want to look serious at the same time. Curating the right pictures is a great way to ensure that you are posting an attractive facebook profile.

Do Not Post Anything Controversial

No matter how you feel about certain topics, you should look at creating content that is positive. If you are going to create an attractive facebook profile, you will need to carefully curate what is shown on your page. That includes things that are going to uplift, and exalt, not tear down. Even if you hate the way certain things in life are, you shouldn’t showcase them on your profile. Remember, you want to stand out, which means adopting a positive personal life, not a negative one. It’s easy to be negative all the time, just look at the many guys that are on facebook trying to pick up women.

Share Interesting News and Views

At least once a day look for interesting news and bits to share with others. Don’t be afraid of sharing things that focus on science, photography, and more. Post interesting pictures, interesting art, and things that speak to your daily routine. If you want to have a seriously attractive facebook profile, you will need to make sure that you are sharing things that are of great interest to you and others. That means spending a little time exploring the arts, music, and things that are directly in line with what you want out of life.

Feeling Engulfed and Controlled

What do you do when someone is trying to control you? Do you give in, argue or resist? Discover how to love yourself instead of abandoning yourself.

Loving yourselfMost of us have had the experience in our relationships of someone trying to control us. Perhaps they were doing it with anger and blame, or by complaining and guilting us, or by withdrawing their love, or even by being too ‘nice.’

Whatever controlling strategies others use to get us to feel or behave in the ways they want, it doesn’t feel good inside – it feels engulfing and smothering. Yet most people don’t know what to say or do to take loving care of themselves when someone is trying to control them. Most of us never received any role modeling of what it looks like to love yourself when feeling engulfed or controlled.

Before you can even begin to learn to love yourself when someone is trying to control you, you need to be aware of your own intent: Is your intent to control them or to resist being controlled, or is your intent to love yourself? You won’t be able to remember the loving action toward yourself when your intent is to control or not be controlled. Interestingly, resisting being controlled isn’t at all the same thing as loving yourself. Here’s why:

When someone is trying to control you and you go into resistance, you are not going inside to see if doing what they want you to do would be in your highest good or not. You are going to automatic resistance rather than opening to learning with your higher self to discover what is in your highest good. In resisting, you are still being controlled by them, because you are not making up your own mind regarding what is best for you.

In order to discover what is loving to you in any given situation, you first have to WANT to be loving to yourself. Then you need to open to learningwith your higher self about what is most loving to you.

Here are some of the ways I’ve learned to love myself when someone is trying to control me:

* The first thing I do is I make it irrelevant whether or not they are trying to control me, – i.e. I let go of caring about whether they believe they are winning. Then I tune into my feelings to see if I actually want to do what they want me to do, and then I open to learning with my Guidance to see if it is loving to me to do it. This way, I’m making up my own mind rather than either giving in or resisting, but the only way I can do this is if I’ve let go of caring whether or not they think they are controlling me.

In cases where I decide that my loving action aligns with what they want me to do, I may choose to let them know what I plan to do, explaining that I am doing it because it feels right to me, and then I will follow through with one of the following loving actions.

* If I think that the person will be open to learning, I will say something like, “Something isn’t feeling good between us right now. It feels like you are trying to control me. Is that what’s happening?” If the person is open, we can get into a good learning conversation.

First Date Tips

When it comes to that first date with someone, you are going to need to be on your best behavior, right? Well, yes, but you shouldn’t be so frigid that you end up miring the whole situation. If you’re going to go on a first date with someone that you really like, it’s time to brush up on some first date tips that are going to pay off in the long term. This is assuming that you want to do more than just bed another woman. If you want to make them like you, then you will want to follow a few simple guidelines that work every time. These classic first date tips will absolutely pay off dividends in due time.

Pay For The Date

Some people get really bent out of shape here, but you should pay for the date, and don’t make it so expensive that the other person feels bad. That means that you should not go for steak and lobster on date number one. Instead, focus on something that is inexpensive, but fun. For instance, you could go roller skating, visit an art museum, or even just go with a classic coffee date. The goal is to make sure that you have a conversation, while doing something simple, and not too expensive. If you ask for a dinner date, then know where some good, inexpensive food options are, or you will end up driving around aimlessly. Whatever the case is, make sure that you pay for them. This is one of the best first date tips you will ever get, mind you.

Open Doors and Be Generally Nice

A lot of women today are not being treated well, and the internet has a lot of articles that will show that. You will have to be the exception. Open up doors, and keep that up throughout your evening. Open doors, make sure that they are taken care of, and don’t just look after your own agenda. If you allow them to feel special, and wanted, you’ll definitely go far. When you read other first date tips, they may tell you differently, but don’t listen, make them feel great, and you’ll do just fine.

Be Ready To Talk

Have a breath mint, brush your teeth, and make sure that you go out ready to talk. Amidst the best first date tips you can ever use, this is a great one. You need to open up and ask questions, as well as listen to what your date is saying, and take note in your mind. Be quick to listen, and share stories of your daily routine, some funny anecdotes, and of course ask about them. Seem interested, and you will go far.

The Flame Alive in Your Relationship

Dating is fun, but settling down with someone you love? Well, there’s just nothing better. Everyone encounters a twinge of fear when they contemplate spending the rest of their lives with the same person. What if one or both of you get bored? What if one of you change too much? Don’t worry. There are four solid secrets that are guaranteed to keep the flame alive.

Don’t Stop Dating!

Dating is a fun and easy way to grow emotional intimacy. It’s a great way to relax and relieve stress, whether it was just a bad day at the office or an uncomfortable argument. Dates offer the perfect settings to dream together, make plans together, and talk openly and support each other.

Many studies have shown that couples who dream together stay together longer. When it comes to date night, the right look can set it right over the top. Smooth legs can complete any outfit and boost confidence, but we get busy and we get tired. Consider Phaze Laser Med Spa hair removal to keep yourself ready for date night fun. Though it can hurt a little (the equivalent of being snapped with a rubber band), the pain dissipates quickly.

Make Memories

Making memories to last a lifetime is very important, as is experiencing new things together. Traveling is a great way to do just that—and it’s not nearly as expensive as you might think. You don’t have to go across the world to travel or try something new. Plan a vacation to a city neither of you have been to, or pick a restaurant with cuisine that’s new to you. Even if you don’t like where you’ve gone, you have the memory of trying something new with your partner. These are the sort of memories that will help to bond you for a lifetime.

Grow up, Together!

Work on yourself and never stop growing. Be who you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t be afraid that you’ll change too much for your partner to love you—they already do! By having an open line of communication and discussing your dreams with your partner, there will be no surprises when you reach for the moon. Finding success together will only bring you closer together.

Listen, Hear, Love

Never stop listening and learning about your partner. You’re not the only one with goals, dreams, and ambitions. Opinions and circumstances change. Your partner should be your best friend. Ask them about their day, thoughts, and feelings. Every day is a new opportunity to learn about them. Taking the time to show interest in them shows them that despite how long you’ve been together, you still love them and want to know them. It also ensures that they stay interested in you and your changes.

So maybe the best secrets to keeping your flame alive seem more like common sense than anything, but these are methods that people who have been married for decades swear by. These are the things that marriage counselors advise. And these are things that, as people, we should do for the ones that we love. One thing’s for sure, if you follow these four tips, your relationship will last.

A Month to Dance

Welcome to Shamanics in Portugal´s Journal. Our intention is to remind you our readers, friends and connections we are all part of a much larger, ever evolving community bringing balance between Father Sky and Mother Earth, and within ourselves. This was never more so than this month of October!

No matter where you are on this planet, the heightened energies of September´s eclipse cycle of letting go and releasing have taken many into emotional depths not visited before. Bringing to the surface beliefs about self and relationships, which were not necessarily from this lifetime.

The purpose? So we can become who we want to become in this lifetime.

These last four months have been very much ones of the energy of Fire – transformation. October´s new moon brought a shift to a Libran moon – the scales, an Air sign. The element of freedom of movement and expansion.

As a follower of shamanic practice you know this is the element closest to Spirit. It is through our breath and mastering our breath we connect the conscious and unconscious mind, so allowing us to access the spiritual realms. For it is only from here can we really know who we want to become? (Should you wish to know more about the clarity Air energy can bring, as a subscriber you can download a complimentary copy of our All About Air workbook).

Hence what we begin to create now, even if only in outline, will form the basis for the coming new cycle. Which is why we need to be still and hear our guidance.

Taking the dance floor

We are now in the first of the three lunar cycles this month, the last of which is referred to as a ‘blue moon’. Meaning this is a powerful month to shift your emotions, especially all those involving relationships. Not only the intimate ones, all including those in business and partnerships.

As a reminder, in September´s Journal we referred to our “fortune finder Jupiter moving into the balancing and fair-minded Libra – remaining here until October 2017.” We are also now in a Libran moon. Hence why this month is a dance between the old and the new. A deeper sense of release and relief combined with a necessity to accept more, to allow yourself to be and receive.

This month may feel as though we are dancing from one emotional extreme to another totally opposite, or at least in our minds! If instead you look upon it as a dance of polarities, you may better understand all of our energies are seeking to find a way to be balanced toward a refined sense and state of equilibrium. So, creating balance within each of us.

This last quarter of 2016 is about allowing the new to push aside the patterns of our old beliefs. In this way we will help ourselves create our new presence. The patterns though will make sure they cannot be ignored as they are always showing and revealing to us something about ourselves. If you are ready, feel into those patterns and how they are connected to your behaviour. Look around in your world, it is full of patterns. Do you want or need them all?

The emptier the mind, the less patterns will be present and the more conscious awareness you can embody. This is the coming shift for next year.

Which is why this last quarter of 2016 is about planting the seeds of what you desire in your life. The exact nature of the years which follow October 2017 will depend on the seeds you plant prior to then.

This October offers us new beginnings, if we choose to take up the offer? Doing so though will require us to listen to our own quiet voice!

Women With Attitudes

Not every woman is going to play along with whatever it is you’re doing. They may be abrasive, and they may have an attitude. It’s up to you to diffuse the situation and control what is going to happen. Many men find this to be a difficult thing to deal with, but it’s not tough. You just need some advice as to how to work with women with attitudes. Whether you are trying to date someone or you are in the middle of the office and you are having to face off with them, you have to remain calm first.

Assess The Situation Before Doing Anything

Before you do anything, or say anything, you have to assess what is going on. The big thing about women with attitudes is that they may have a legitimate gripe. You may have done, said, or been a part of something that has annoyed them. You should clearly define this, and know what’s going on. Do not react to someone that is mad, and listen to what they have to say. If you are quick to speak or do anything, you are going to end up losing out big time. Assess things slowly and react within an appropriate manner.

Excuse Yourself (Leave)

If you don’t feel as though you’re going to get anywhere with women with attitudes, then don’t deal with them. Seriously, you have control over this. If you feel as though they are being abrasive, you don’t have to stick around. Kindly apologize and excuse yourself. That’s it. This is one of the best ways of dealing with women with attitudes. This is so simple, and yet so many people don’t realize it. You don’t have to push someone and you don’t have to deal with any of the issues that are put in front of you. Excuse yourself, and just move on. Don’t cause a scene, don’t yell, and don’t push back.

Be Quick To Listen and Slow To Speak

The biggest bit of advice in regards to women with attitudes is to simply be quick to listen. You cannot go anywhere with someone that is going to have an attitude that you don’t like. That’s a part of life. If you calmly listen to the issues, and don’t speak too often, you’ll be able to figure out a plan. Whether you need to leave, apologize, or simply do anything else, you will be just fine if you just listen instead of speak. There will always be attitudes, but how you work with them will speak volumes as to who you are and what your goals are.

Contact A Past Lover Tips

I feel that this will be one of the most important posts that I will create about how you can get your ex girlfriend back. It is vital that you actually completed the 30 day no contact phase otherwise this information is meaningless. Knowing exactly what to say or more importantly how to say it will determine whether or not you and your ex will get back together. In this article I will teach you everything you need to know about it.

Ideally your ex will have been the one to actually initiate contact again with you. Usually after going for 30 days of no contact it causes powerful emotional triggers inside a woman’s mind and this means that it’s highly likely she is the one making the call.

What if your lover already left you? Here’s how to get them back.

First of all I will deal with the most important aspect of your initial contact with your ex, regardless of who made the call, and that is your mental and emotional state. You should be well on the way to getting your life back on track after the breakup and even making it better! Whether it’s having fun with friends, performing better at work, success in your hobby or whatever leading a good life means to you. If she calls you and you are not in a good emotional or mental state make sure you keep your answers very brief! There is a chance you will read too much into the conversation and act needy thereby destroying your chances of getting her back.

Let’s assume she calls you first, which is ideal, you should be slightly be surprised be her call. If not, then act it. Your conversation should be fun and upbeat. You should not be talking about meeting up with her again at this stage. You should just be aiming to create a good vibe between the two of you again. You can talk a bit about your life but never go into too much detail because when you do it’s like you are trying to prove yourself to her which is a needy insecure behaviour.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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If you call her, which I frown upon, then much of the information above applies to you as well. You need a positive state of mind and be well on your way to getting your life back to normal. What you say is not as important as how you say it provided that you are in the right emotional state. This should mean that you are not immediately looking to jump back into a relationship with her but you are just being a cool guy who is getting on with his life and enjoying it.

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So you and your partner recently broke up, but you want them back. It’s hard to know whether they want you back or not, but there are a few things that you can do to let them know you want to try things out again. Here are just a few of them any. Always remember never to come across as too creepy or to desperate.

Communication is Key
While it may be hard to do, strike up a conversation with your ex. Simply try to be a friend and talk to them. Don’t mention anything about the relationship you two had, and whatever you do, never come across as being sad and overly depressed that they are gone.

Don’t Be Pushy
Don’t push the subject of the two of you reuniting, but you can casually mention that you miss them and enjoyed the time you two spent together. Without being too direct, you can slowly begin to let them know you want to try things again.